Covid-19 Safe Measures

Good Coffee Project follows the latest Covid-19 guidelines set out by NSW Health. Good Coffee Project:

  • Excludes staff, customers and attendees who are unwell from the premises.
  • Provides staff with information and training on COVID-19, including when to get tested, physical distancing, wearing masks and cleaning.
  • Adopts good hand hygiene practices. Have hand sanitiser at key points around the venue.
  • Provides alcohol-based hand sanitiser at multiple locations throughout the workplace, including entry and exit points.
  • Provides disinfectant surface wipes to clean workstations and equipment such as phones, keyboard and mouse.
  • Cleans surfaces thoroughly, particularly all high contact areas such as doors, handles, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces and printers with appropriate cleaning agents.
  • Ensures bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and paper towels or hand dryers.
  • Cleans frequently used indoor hard surface areas at least daily with detergent/disinfectant. Clean frequently touched areas and surfaces several times per day.
  • Increases natural ventilation in indoor areas by opening windows and doors where possible, and increase mechanical ventilation where possible by optimising air conditioning or other system settings
  • Limits the capacity so it does not exceed the greater of one person per 2 square metres of space in the premises, or 25 persons.
  • Supports 1.5m physical distancing where possible.
  • Avoids congestion of people in specific areas where possible.