Image of trees suggesting sustainability

Good Coffee Project was founded from the ground up with sustainability in mind. This sets us apart from traditional retailers. Sustainability detects all decision making in our business.

Responsible Coffee

Our ultimate goal is to help achieve circular economy for all coffee drinkers. This means minimising/eliminating waste, ensuring reusability and increasing recyclability.

We strive to be as sustainable as we can while maintaining accessible to everyday coffee drinkers. This very principle also guides the sourcing of our packing materials, suppliers, product selection, partner coffee roasters and more. 

 We are currently working on ways to measure our impacts as well as to offset our carbon emission.

Sustainable Packaging & Mailing

Our mailing materials are re-usable or home compostable. All our orders are also shipped 100% carbon neutral.

All coffee from The New Paradigm and Double Tap Coffee comes with fully recyclable coffee bags. They are LDPE 4, soft plastics, and are to be disposed in REDcycle bins available in all major supermarkets (not in your yellow bins please). Haven Specialty Coffee comes with reusable canisters and can be refilled in Haven stores for a discount.

We welcome to the development of compostable coffee bags and we are paying close attention as they are becoming more accessible.

We encourage all of our partnered roasters to adopt more sustainable packaging such as recyclable or compostable coffee bags, while we understand they are sometimes limited by economies of scale at this stage, and/or are in the process of changing over to more sustainable options.

Supporting Environmental Projects

We are now part of 1% for the Planet, a global movement committing to donate 1% of gross sales (not profits) to environmental non-profit organisations/projects.

This giving framework is incorporated in our business model from our humble beginning. This helps us create positive impact while we focus on serving up the best coffee for the coffee drinkers out there.

1% for the Planet Member