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Orea V3 Coffee Brewer

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    Orea V3 Coffee Brewer (Clear) is now out of stock. Orea V3 Basalt Competition Series is available here in very limited stock. Don't miss out this time. 

    An Evolution in Pour Over Coffee

    Redesigned from the ground up to challenge the best of the best. A design that combines the advantages of flat bed brewers with the aspects people love in conical brewers. Experience bright and sweet brews with incredible clarity of flavour unlike any other brewer in the world.

    The Orea Brewer combines a fast flow rate, consistency, superior thermal properties, packability, durability, recycled materials and unapologetic beauty. The patented ring design ensures faster flow & unrivalled consistency. Explore a wider range of brewing styles, from just above espresso grind to coarse grind. 

    Brewer (Large 185) Specs
    • Brew size: 1-2 Cup to fit Kalita 185 filters
    • Material: 100 % Trogamid (BPA free, food safe, glass-clear, durable)
    • Dimension: 7.2cm high x 9.1cm diameter
    • Weight: 52g
    Base Specs
    • Each piece is unique with artisanal process
    • 100% post-consumer recycled plastic sourced and made in UK
    • Dimension: 10.4cm wide
    • Weight: 14g
    What filter?

    The best 'wave' shape filters for the Orea Brewer are the Kalita Wave (185 or 155) filters. Kalita Wave filters are widely available. You can use any other 155 or 185 size 'wave' shaped filter, but recipes and performance may differ.

    For Kalita Wave Filters, please purchase from here.

    Detachable base?

    Orea wanted to have a universal mount for accessories and to have the opportunity to explore other materials. Structurally, it makes everything cleaner and simpler too. Orea is exploring other accessories that can click into this ring to open up new use cases. It also opens up the opportunity for personalisation - change up the base, match your style and evolve the brewer. Orea also hopes this will lead to less waste, as there is potential to upgrade individual components as it release new versions, rather than buying an entire new product.

    The Orea ring design

    The Orea Brewer is quite unique in being a flat bottom brewer with a true flat bottom - there are no prongs or grooves to hold the filter paper up. Instead of this, we use a wide ring design that covers the full bed. We found that this gives much better consistency in flow rate and less channeling. There are just less factors at play - the paper sits consistently in the brewer each time. With less variables, you have more consistency.

    The ring design also ensures a faster flow rate as there is less restriction for coffee traveling our of the coffee bed. Faster flow rates ensure we can grind finer, without risk of 'choke'. This helps us extract more flavour and depth from the same coffee. Grinders are also better and more consistent at finer grind settings, so it's a win-win.

    Image Credit: Orea & Jerney

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    Lovely dripper. Good Coffee Project is easy to deal with. 5/5