The Great Debate: Is Coffee Better in Melbourne or Sydney?

The coffee scene in both Melbourne and Sydney is renowned, and which city offers better coffee often comes down to personal preference. Here's a breakdown of the strengths of each city's coffee culture to help you decide:


  • Cafe Culture: Melbourne is often touted as Australia's coffee capital, with a well-established cafe culture that dates back decades. The city is known for its numerous cosy, independent cafes.
  • Variety and Innovation: The city is a hub for coffee innovation, with a plethora of cafes offering unique brewing methods, experimental coffee drinks, and a wide variety of specialty beans.
  • Barista Skills: Melbourne baristas are highly skilled and passionate, often participating in and winning international barista competitions.
  • Community and Atmosphere: Many people appreciate the sense of community in Melbourne’s coffee shops, which often serve as social hubs.

Here are some examples of great venues for coffee in Melbourne.

  • Proud Mary: Known for its high standards in coffee sourcing and roasting, Proud Mary is a Melbourne institution. They offer a variety of single-origin coffees and innovative brewing methods.
    • Axil Coffee Roasters: Axil Coffee Roasters combines exceptional coffee with a focus on sustainability. They roast their beans on-site and provide a rich coffee experience.
      • Industry Beans: A pioneer in coffee innovation, Industry Beans offers a unique combination of a cafe and roastery, where visitors can enjoy experimental coffee drinks and cutting-edge brewing techniques.
        • Seven Seeds: Founded by pioneers of Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene, Seven Seeds is revered for its quality coffee and educational approach to brewing and bean sourcing.
          • St. Ali: St. Ali has been at the forefront of Melbourne’s coffee scene for years, known for their expert roasting and a wide variety of coffee options, including unique blends and single origins.


            • High-Quality Coffee: Sydney boasts an excellent standard of coffee, with many cafes offering meticulously sourced and roasted beans.
            • Cafe Diversity: The city’s coffee scene is diverse, reflecting its multicultural population. You can find a mix of trendy, modern cafes and traditional coffee houses.
            • Scenic Cafes: Sydney offers the unique experience of enjoying coffee with stunning harbour or beach views, something Melbourne can’t quite match.
            • Innovation and Trends: Sydney cafes are quick to adopt global coffee trends and often lead the way in introducing new coffee experiences.

            Here are some great places for coffee in Sydney.

            • Single O: Single O is a favourite for its commitment to sustainability and quality. They offer a range of house-roasted beans and innovative coffee drinks.
              • Mecca Coffee: Mecca Coffee is known for its meticulous sourcing and roasting processes. Their cafes are popular for both their coffee quality and inviting atmospheres.
                • The Grounds of Alexandria:  A unique blend of cafe, garden, and event space, The Grounds offers a holistic experience. Their coffee is top-notch, and the venue itself is a major attraction.
                  • Reuben Hills: Reuben Hills combines a creative approach to coffee with a relaxed, welcoming environment. They roast their beans in-house and offer a variety of specialty coffee drinks.
                    • Paramount Coffee Project: A collaboration between coffee experts from Australia and the USA, Paramount Coffee Project is known for its experimental approach and exceptional coffee quality.

                      Ultimately, whether coffee is better in Melbourne or Sydney depends on what you value more in a coffee experience. If you prefer a deep-rooted coffee culture with a strong emphasis on barista skills and innovative coffee drinks, Melbourne might be your pick. If you enjoy a diverse coffee scene with high-quality beans and the added bonus of scenic locations, Sydney could be more to your liking.

                      Both cities offer exceptional coffee, so it's worth exploring the cafes in both Melbourne and Sydney to find your personal favourite.

                      Let us know what you think.

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