Top Boutique Coffee Roasters in Sydney

Sydney is home to a vibrant and diverse coffee culture, driven by an array of exceptional roasters who are dedicated to delivering the finest coffee experiences. These roasters combine meticulous sourcing, innovative roasting techniques, and a deep commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Here are ten of the best coffee roasters in Sydney in no particular order, each bringing their unique touch to the art of coffee roasting.

Top Boutique Coffee Roasters in Sydney

Double Tap Coffee

Double Tap Coffee is owned by Daniel Karaconji, the former head barista at the renowned Coffee Alchemy. His extensive experience in the industry is evident in Double Tap's exceptional coffee offerings. Daniel's dedication to balanced flavours and community engagement has made Double Tap a standout in Sydney's coffee scene​. Buy coffee beans from Double Tap Coffee.

Grace & Taylor Coffee Company

A staple in Sydney, Grace & Taylor Coffee Company is known for their meticulous attention to quality and sustainability. They source high-quality beans and use precise roasting techniques to create smooth and rich coffee experiences. Shop coffee beans from Grace & Taylor Coffee.

Haven Specialty Coffee

Haven Specialty Coffee is renowned for its stylish and welcoming cafes that offer a blend of traditional and innovative coffee experiences. Their cafés are designed to be a comfortable and inspiring space for coffee lovers to enjoy expertly brewed coffee. They provide a range of brew methods, from espresso to batch, highlighting their commitment to quality and variety. Haven's cafes also serve a menu of delicious food, making them a perfect spot for brunch or a relaxing coffee break. Shop coffee beans from Haven Specialty Coffee.

Ickle Coffee

Ickle Coffee focuses on small-batch roasting, maintaining the highest levels of freshness and quality. Their attention to detail in showcasing the best characteristics of each bean makes them a favourite among enthusiasts. Shop coffee beans from Ickle Coffee.

Made of Many

Known for their close collaboration with coffee farmers, Made of Many ensures high-quality beans while supporting fair trade practices. Their roasting techniques bring out the unique flavours of each origin, offering a diverse coffee selection. Shop coffee beans from Made of Many.

The New Paradigm

The New Paradigm highlights the distinct regional characteristics of each bean through their focus on single-origin coffees. They are dedicated to sourcing the best beans globally and roasting them to perfection. Shop coffee beans from The New Paradigm.

Catapult Coffee

Catapult Coffee is renowned for bold and innovative roasting techniques. Their strong, memorable flavours appeal to those who enjoy pronounced coffee experiences. They prioritise quality and consistency in every roast. Shop coffee beans from Catapult Coffee.

Welcome Dose

Welcome Dose combines meticulous roasting practices with a commitment to sustainability. They create blends that balance sweetness and acidity, ensuring high-quality coffee regardless of the brewing method. Shop coffee beans from Welcome Dose.

Ratio Coffee

Ratio Coffee emphasises creating robust and flavourful blends. Catering to a wide range of preferences, they focus on sourcing and roasting high-quality beans to satisfy every coffee lover. Shop coffee beans from Ratio Coffee.

Diggy Doos

Diggy Doos is celebrated for its unique and innovative approach to coffee roasting. They focus on small-batch roasting, ensuring each batch is fresh and full of flavour. Their commitment to quality and creative roasting techniques has garnered them a loyal following in Sydney. Shop coffee beans from Diggy Doos.

These ten coffee roasters exemplify the best of Sydney's thriving coffee culture. Their dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation ensures that coffee enthusiasts can enjoy exceptional brews, whether they prefer espresso, filter, or milk-based coffee. For more information on these roasters and their offerings, the Good Coffee Project website​ or email​.

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